August 6, 2009 HealthNewsHound

As someone that has stopped drinking soda and many other products that contain High Fructose Corn Syrup, I was amazed at the authors findings in this documentary.

If you have questions about why your health has been dwindling over the last few years, and you consider yourself to have the average American diet, this film will interest you. The video above is the first 20 minutes or so from the documentary.

I watched the entire film on Netflix last night, so if you have Netflix, you can check it out there. If not, you can Buy the DVD from Amazon and have it shipped to your door.

KING CORN examines America’s health woes through the multifaceted lens of one humble grain. Director Aaron Woolf and co-writers Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis offer irrefutable proof that the US is virtually drowning in the stuff. Corn meal, corn starch, hydrologized corn protein, and high fructose corn syrup fuel a multitude of products, from soft drinks to hamburgers. The starchy vegetable grows with ease and government subsidies insure over-abundant production. Woolf documents the 11-month effort of college friends Cheney and Ellis, who trace their ancestry to the same small Iowa town, to raise their own crop. After finding a farmer willing to lend them an acre, they meet with agronomists, historians, and other experts before plowing, seeding, and spraying. Prior to harvesting, the easygoing Yale grads travel to Colorado to compare the grass-fed cattle of yore with today’s corn-fed counterparts; then to New York to explore the links between corn syrup, obesity, and diabetes.