May 11, 2010 HealthNewsHound

I found this cool show on iTunes looking for new podcasts to listen to. I thought I’d share it with everyone. They have several shows on a range of topics and you can check them out for free on YouTube or subscribe on iTunes. Eric Rochow is a great host and knows how to keep you interested. The latest episode has them moving a bee hive. Enjoy!

A new beekeeping video from GardenFork.TV . Today we move one of our beehives to a new location. Moving a beehive is not hard, but you have to be careful and pay attention to a few key things. We are not the beekeeping experts, but are documenting our own beginning beekeeping experiences and post them on our site, GardenFork.TV. Watch all of our beginning beekeeping videos and other fun videos on our site: GardenFork.TV