All You Need. Larger Than Life. We Are Earth.

All You Need. Larger Than Life. We Are Earth.
October 24, 2016 HealthNewsHound

We are all on a journey, and most of us seem to forget that we are a spaceship traveling around our Sun at 30 km/sec.

It’s easy to loose sight of the natural wonders of the universe with all of the distractions in our world. This is why I try to benefit from the technologies provided to me in such a way that keeps me in touch with our planet as a whole, our place in the solar system, and our eventual influence on the rest of the universe.

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Watching Live Feeds from ISS (International Space Station) helps keep things in perspective. This YouTube Channel Amazing Space has the best NASA, SpaceX, Blue Origin, Roscosmos, ESAJAXA, SSC, and CNSA all other International Space Programs content in Full-HD.

Rocket and transport launches, space walks, and scientific announcements are just the beginning of our new frontier as we explore our solar system and beyond.

If you are interested in just how big our known universe is, the video above from Coconut Science Lab does a great job of breaking down our current observations.

I feel as a member of earth, I am responsible for doing the best that I can to keep the planet in ship-shape. After all, if we plan on leaving our big-blue-ball for adventures, we need to keep the human spirit of protecting-the-weak at the forefront of our human condition.

I may be too old to have the chance to adventure out into the great unknown. However I do ponder the thought since it was a childhood dream of mine…

While I ponder the idea of venturing into the cosmos, I am reminded of childlike sense of wonder, and I once again see the responsibility we have as humanity to spread peace throughout the universe.