Forced Relaxation | The Power of Sound & Motion

Forced Relaxation | The Power of Sound & Motion
November 11, 2016 HealthNewsHound

For various reasons, from time to time we can find ourselves restless, weary, or confused.When I find myself in a state such as this, I turn to meditation to help get me through.However sometimes for me, it is difficult to slow my mind down enough to get into a state of relaxation—in preparation for meditation.

I feel many enjoy the sound and visuals of a flowing stream — the sight of lightening as the sound of rain patters a puddle of water — or the light of a crackling campfire as it pops embers into the drift.These experiences bring comfort and relaxation to us, since they are rooted in our hearts and minds.They are of the Earth.They are of Us. 

Almazan | Siberian Sound & Motion Master | ASMR

Our subconscious embraces these experiences into our core. We appreciate them lovingly for the moment of peace and relaxation they give us.And when the moment ends, and our life-focus returns, we use the energy gained from our peaceful moments to climb even higher towards our dreams.It’s how we’ve always done it.

The hard part is finding a stream, thunderstorm, or a campfire when you need one.

What if I told you there is a way to surround yourself with this feeling on demand?

Over the last few years I’ve been experimenting with certain triggers for relaxation. I have learned to sense certain relief-reactions to certain sounds and motions.While my research and discovery is ongoing, I feel that many are already finding help in healing and relaxing by watching and listening to ASMR videos on YouTube.

What is ASMR? It stands for, “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”.It is characterized as being a euphoric experience of tingly sensations created as a response to sound or motion.This sensation or experience can be triggered by things that you may be sensitive to ranging from sounds, motions, colors, and patterns.My research has shown that various combinations of these triggers can offer an immediate subconscious response to relaxation.

Here is the reddit community that largely contributed to the growing popularity of this form of healing.Not all sounds and experiences are triggering to all. And some can have the opposite effect—depending on your personal history with the sound or motion.

I would encourage you to explore with an open mind, and see if you can find an “autonomous response” to an ASMR Artist/Healer that presents there.

Advanced ASMR with SoftAnnaPL

By combining Sound with gentle hand motions, soothing voices,and visual patterns “SoftAnnaPL” is able to calm me almost instantly.She is a lovely multilingual young-lady from Poland. I don’t speak Polish personally.But interestingly enough, I find Anna’s voice, visual settings, and hand-movements very soothing.

Find your relaxing sound or setting.

What others like may not be for you.Some may find that sounds others seem to enjoy, are off-putting to them.Like music, you should find what suits you.While many people use headphones, I don’t that often.Many folks watch on their smartphones, I prefer my HDTV so I can fall asleep too.

I am hopeful in this vast community of healing, you may be able to find something that triggers a relaxing state.

One of my favorite YouTube channels, who I found through the ASMR subredditis “gundog4314”.I love how all of the veterans and servicemen and servicewomen from around the world all send him their MRE’s for him to review.Culture knows no race, and the true tastes of a culture can be found in their food.


On this Day-of-Days, we want thank all of our veterans.Their past and continued sacrifices are noticed and appreciated by every true American.We love you all, and as fellow Americans, we promise to do better to honor and serve you in any healing process you may need.Bless all the men and women who have and do serve.