SagaPro Bladder Support

SagaPro Bladder Support
February 25, 2019 Sybil Skinner

Supports Healthy Bladder Strength and Function*

Bladder Support for Men and Women

SagaPro is a proprietary aqueous extract of Angelica archangelica leaves harvested from wild plants grown in the pure air and soil of Iceland.

MEN – Prostate Health

Unlike Saw Palmetto SagaPro is for more than just prostate health. It contains key compounds that support the smooth muscle tissue of the bladder. SagaPro has replaced Saw Palmetto as the #1 bladder product in Iceland.*

WOMEN – Bladder Health

SagaPro is ideal for healthy bladder strength.*

Better Rest. Participants in a recent clinical trial experienced support for healthy bladder function and reported improved sleep patterns as well.*

SagaPro is ideal for men and women looking to support bladder strength and urinary tract function.*

Wild Angelica leaves are gathered by local people in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner.