The Food Ranger | The Love and Life Changes of Trevor James

The Food Ranger | The Love and Life Changes of Trevor James
November 22, 2016 HealthNewsHound

Watching a true life-change for the positive take place is indeed a precious thing.Watching it when it happens to a total stranger is even moreso.It allows you to feel connected with their success and happiness in an anonymous way.Watching the Food Ranger become what it is today, has been a pretty special thing for me personally.

I was introduced to Trevor James through the reddit.His videos were a side-show of his traveling adventures as he was preparing for school.Since he found his way to China and started covering their amazing cuisine, and since my wife is Chinese (Hubei chef) I became an instant fan.

Trevor’s positive attitude and curiosity is no doubt a big part of the reason why his YouTube Channel and videos in China has become such an incredible success.In the last year, he’s jumped from around 10,000 viewers to over 320,000 subscribers!

It all started in Turkey, Malaysia, China, India, and now back to China, where our Canadian friend has fallen in love.

Trevor has found love and is now working on becoming a chef at Sichuan culinary school in Chengdu.A busy guy, he and his newfound love Ting Ting, have opened their home up to the Food Ranger fans.It’s pretty amazing.Here is the video explaining the whole thing.

Trevor is planning new videos and travels. And I can say that I am exited as ever to see where they take him.

China is an amazing and loving place.I’ve been away too long, and I can’t wait to go back this Spring Festival 2017. 

Thank-you to Trevor & Ting Ting, and the wonderful people of China for keeping all of us in touch with the food and culture of your beautiful country! Lucky for me, I have a part of Hubei with me wherever I go. 


On This Day-of-Days, I would like to thank all of our worldly Aerospace Programs.What you are doing for the Earth is beyond, and will continue to be beyond.We support you in your miraculous endeavors.You continue to break barriers in for the human condition in science, math, and philosophy.We are all eternally grateful for your continued knowledge, guidance, and sacrifice. Bless all of you have and do serve.